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Former Congressional Assistant Endorses This Website

WASHINGTON, DC (PSC) – House of Sarcasm’s (NYSE: HOS) political entity (PSC) received a surge in web traffic after a former low level congressional assistant endorsed and praised the site’s political coverage*.

In a message to my Facebook inbox late yesterday evening, a former high school friend who worked briefly as an assistant to a congressman in America’s capital, confirmed this is an opportune time to launch the site. The powerless flack said “it makes complete sense.” He added, “luckily for you, the country, in my opinion, is into recession. People have slowly recognized that housing is in the dumps, the war is pretty pointless, and public education is generally a joke here, etc.” His use of “etc.” at the end of the statement indicates he could have continued discussing failed policy issues but decided to continue about his day.

*We haven’t really covered anything yet because this is the second post.


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