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USA Today Abandons Colorful Charts For Journalism

McCLEAN, VIRGINIA (PSC) – America’s most widely circulated newspaper, USA Today, has announced a strategic shift from a periodical predominantly focused on colorful charts to the hiring of hundreds of traditional journalists.

The “McPaper’s” publisher, Gannet Company, shocked investors with the news that many thousand of the graphic designers and chart technologists would be let go from the company in order to make room for the switch. A concerned reader of the Nation’s Newspaper, Jane Johnson, from Des Moines, Iowa, claimed she felt alienated and considered the diagrams a reliable visual element to alternative papers which cater to the educated. The CEO, Hampton Jitney, staunchly defended the move in a statement: “We are a newspaper…and although we have acted like a glorified coloring book for the past 26 years, we’re gonna start covering stories that matter to the people of this free nation as well as our shareholders”.


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