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Vice President Announces ‘Three Word’ Campaign For Financing War

WASHINGTON, DC (PSC) – Vice President Dick Cheney announced today financing for the current wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, countries TBA in the next eight months, as well as the overall global war on terror, would be paid for using CIT bank’s new service Bill Me Later.

Bill Me Later is a convenient and secure new payment method designed as an open-end credit account. Cheney explained, “it’s much easier to put these wars on credit to maintain the Military Industrial Complex and ensure the $600 tax rebate program is executed with the belief we actually have that money”. The Vice President also cited the record deficit as the main reason for making this decision.


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What’s The Deal With America?

OMFG, WTF is going on?

It’s hard to ignore the frustrating reality of what the United States represents in the 21st century. This site will address issues by collecting entertaining perspectives on the state of our nation with an emphasis on law and politics. TTYL!

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